Phone Thumb Holder
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The Thumb Holder is a simple phone holder that holds Virtually Any phone for you! Especially when you need your device to be in landscape mode, it holds it tight for you - the best tool for you to watch Netflix in your phone!

 The Thumb Holder is made by High Grade ABS Plastic, making it Durable, Longer Lasting, & Tough! Along with Stainless Spring Steel build inside the thumbs, the Thumb Holder is adjustable to hold ANY phone without a problem.

The playful and cute design attracts all genders and all ages of people to use it. The Thumb Holder is a universal gadget that can be used by Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime! This is suitable to use in home, office, flight, or any other places!

In addition, the thumbs are equipped with Soft Silicone Rubber Pads, giving extra grip onto your phone, protecting your device from scratches and slides! It expands its thumb up to 9 inches!

Feel the youth again! Get one now before it runs out of stock!

115 x 95 x 45 mm
High Grade ABS Plastic & Stainles Spring Steel
Suitable For:
Smartphones, Tablets, iPad Mini
Adjustable, 4 to 9 inches

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