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Wear Concealed Footbed Enhancers under your regular socks for a quick 1 inch increase in height & a boost in your confidence & self-esteem, without letting anyone discover your secret!


COMFORTABLE HEIGHT INSOLES — Made with soft & elastic thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), the sock lifts cushion the heel, fit snugly without moving or slipping and conform to the natural shape of your foot!

PROTECTS FEET — Best heel lift sock shields calloused & cracked heels, and helps with bone spurs at the arch, the inflamed tissue of the plantar fascia, absorbs shock, prevents extra pressure on the foot, improves step balance & foot strength!

EASY TO CLEAN — Our white heel liners come with tiny holes that are breathable, lets your skin breathes and wicks away sweat quickly to keep your feet odor-free. while their surface & texture makes it easy to clean them with just warm water & soap!

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